Home Cleaning

There are a whole lot of cleaners out there, but we go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us feels like a breath of fresh air. That means doing the little things that make you feel special -- because we believe you are! So each time we clean your home, you can expect a refreshing experience.

Proudly serving  Elizabeth, Franktown and the surrounding area, we provide professional cleaning with a refreshing difference.

Our Services Include:



We scrub everything in your bathrooms -- all surfaces, corners and grooves. We then rinse, dry, and use a finishing cloth to give it a little extra shine.


We wipe down your range hood, and if you have a gas stovetop, then we remove the grates, burners and knobs and let them soak.


We dust and wipe down everything --all surfaces, fans, baseboards,  window sills and window shades. That means moving items on a rotating basis and getting around them.

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