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Hi! Fresh Air Cleaning Company is homegrown right here in Elizabeth, Colorado. We distinguish ourselves from other cleaners, not just because of our professional quality but because of the way we value you. We understand it’s not simply about cleaning your home; it's about doing a little extra to leave your world a little brighter.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning service to Colorado homes in Elizabeth, Franktown and the surrounding area, but most importantly, we offer a refreshing difference.


Meet Andrea

Andrea’s hobbies include cooking, baking and cake decorating, with a creative passion and attention-to-detail that overflows into her work. She’s very proud of her family and her girls. Something that makes her unique is that she’s bilingual.


Andrea is one of our team leaders and also someone we love having in our lives.

Eco-friendly Cleaning

We clean green using all-natural cleaning products that are safe for your family and your pets.

Meet Jacque


Jacque lives on a farm with her family where she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with the animals. And when she's not doing that, she's crafting. She's extremely proud of her family, especially her sons, who are doing very well in school. One of the many things that make Jacque unique is her passion for living off the land, like making her own soap and canning.

Jacque is one our outstanding team members here at Fresh Air Cleaning.

We Believe We're a Luxury
And just like any luxury, you should feel refreshed -- like a breath of fresh air!

Our Services Include

Castle Rock, Colorado House Cleaner


We dust your ceiling fans, baseboards, window sills and window shades. We dust everything -- and that means moving items on a rotating basis and getting around them.


We wipe down your switch plates and spot check for fingerprints, wiping off any we see using an all-purpose cleaner.

Parker, Colorado Cleaning Company

Floors and Furniture

We vacuum and damp mop hardwood floors. We get under your beds and furniture on a rotating basis.

We also wipe down all your furniture with a damp cloth. If it’s fabric, then we vacuum it, removing all the cushions on a rotating basis to get beneath them.

Fresh Air Cleaning Colorado


When it comes to your kitchen, we always do a little more.

We make sure to clean the outside of your refrigerator, open the doors and wipe around the doorframe. We clean the water dispenser and catch too. If it’s stainless steel, then we polish it.

We also clean the outside of your dishwasher, and if it’s stainless steel, we polish it.

And yes! We clean your sink too.

Fresh Air Cleaning Elizabeth, Colorado


Your bathrooms will ALWAYS shine!!! We take everything out of your shower and scrub it with a scrub brush, except the glass (we have a soft sponge for that). We scrub all the corners, grooves and tracks, rinse, and dry using a finishing cloth.

House Cleaning

Stovetops and Ovens

We wipe down your range hood if you have one. If you have a gas stovetop, then we remove the grates, burners and knobs and let them soak.


We wipe down the front of your stove, clean the glass and get the whole thing with a finishing cloth.


A Refreshing Difference!!!


Cyndi Langley of Fresh Air Cleaning is top notch. I blew through cleaning companies till I found her!! Her and her company take pride in what they do and will be my company for my personal house and all my spec houses! Won’t go wrong giving her a call.

Andrew Ehlers

Elizabeth, CO

I TRUST Fresh Air Cleaning to come into my home. The people are honest and hardworking, and I know they will leave it looking and feeling so much better. It truly is a refreshing difference. Thanks guys.

Pamela Hahn

Elizabeth, CO

Cyndi Langley and the team of Fresh Air Cleaning do a wonderful job of cleaning our home. They have been 100% dependable as well as thorough and conscientious.

Julie Price

Franktown, CO

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