To Our Valued Customers --

Just like you, we’re continuing to learn everything we can about Covid-19. It is not our intention to fuel any kind of frenzy, but we believe it is our responsibility to let you know what steps we’re taking to ensure the well-being of our clients.

Our team is ever more conscious of the importance of sanitization right now. We’ve asked them to stay a safe distance from clients and wear gloves and shoe covers while in their homes, both of which are thrown away after each visit. We’re also in an ongoing dialogue with our team about the importance of staying home if they feel sick.

The EPA has released a list of approved cleaners that kill the coronavirus ( We continue to sanitize all surfaces, door handles and fixtures using our all-natural cleaners, but if you feel more comfortable with another cleaner from the approved list, then we are happy to use it so long as it’s provided. I’m sure you understand, but it’s simply too much for us to carry an entire inventory of different cleaning products for each person.

Everything we’re using for sanitizing right now is disposable. This helps to avoid any cross-contamination. We also use two sponges for each house: one for the kitchen and one for bathrooms. If the sponge is still good, then we place it in a bag with your name on it. This also helps to avoid any cross-contamination.

And please! We love your pets! We really do! But we’re asking that, for the moment, you keep them locked up while we’re cleaning.

Currently our team is free from the coronavirus, and we trust that you are too.

Kind regards,

Fresh Air Cleaning