It’s important that your visitors step into a clean space. Maybe they’re here on vacation, maybe they’re here on business -- either way, when they walk through your door, we’ll make sure they step into an absolutely refreshing experience.

Proudly serving Elizabeth, Franktown and the surrounding area, we provide professional cleaning with a refreshing difference.

Our Services Include:

Airbnb Cleaning



We scrub everything in your bathrooms -- all surfaces, corners and grooves. We then rinse, dry, and use a finishing cloth to give it a little extra shine.


Just for starters, we clean the outside of the refrigerator, open the doors and wipe around the door frame. We clean the water dispenser and catch too. If it’s stainless steel, then we polish it.​


We dust and wipe down everything -- all surfaces, fans, baseboards,  window sills and window shades. That means moving items on a rotating basis and getting around them.

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